See the Dinosaur

"I'm living. I'm alright. Go to hell."
-Kurt Vonnegut
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Joseph Lorusso - End of the night

Why'd you change your blog name? I love your blog btw!!


Thank you! It’s actually from this thing I found in an old magazine and used in an art project, the full thing was “everyone came running to see the dinosaur” and I made a collage with people running towards this woman. So for me it’s like here I am on display and everyone better fuckin come running¬†but usually people run away cuz let’s be real I’m a lot to deal with and sometimes a bitch

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hey emily you're beautiful and i love you!


Oh my gosh whoever you are please just talk to me so I can thank you for real because I needed this.

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Those damn eyes
fucked me

Charles Bukowski,  (via toostoked)

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